Please either call us using the call button on the top of the home page from your mobile phone, call 3089 4455, book online through the HotDoc button on the home page, email us with a booking request, come in to the practice to meet our friendly team.

The Comprehensive exam and professional cleaning can take 60mins so please allow this time for us to get to know you, understands the concerns you have, gather the information we need and discuss the findings.

Yes, we accept all health funds and have a HICAPS machine so you can make your health fund claim on the day when you present your health fund card.

Generally, yes you will but it does depend on the condition of the gums. If patients have advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) then this is treated in a different way and so will be rebooked as this takes more time.  Sometimes a referral to a gum specialist (Periodontist) is indicated.

Yes! We have the most current and advanced digital scanner which eliminates the need for full impressions in the mouth, which means no more uncomfortable or gagging feeling or bad taste.

Of course. We have a large TV screen above the chair which you can watch anything from Netflix.  You can choose your favourite music from Spotify which plays in the surgery or you are welcome to listen to your own music through your headphones.

Generally, anywhere from 2-4 hours. Please take care not to eat of have anything hot to drink during this time to avoid any risk of biting or burning the inside of your mouth.

  • Teeth can be whitened in various ways such as a custom-made home tooth whitening kit or in-chair whitening (Zoom whitening),
  • Other ways included direct composite tooth-coloured fillings placed onto the front surfaces of the teeth or porcelain veneers or crowns.
  • Dr James and Emily can let you know what options are possible for you.

Yes, this is a huge area in modern dentistry and one which is giving patients the smile they always wanted. Using clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign or SureSmile allows patients to straighten their teeth using clear, plastic aligners to move their teeth into the ideal position.  Treatment time can be between 6-12 months in the vast majority of cases.

The use of metal amalgam fillings is outdated due to the improvements in modern dental materials.  Amalgam contains mercury which has been shown to be leak out of the filling over the years which can lead to sensitivities in some patients.  The leaking of the filling results in weakening and usually the side of the tooth fractures off leaving the old filling behind.  The leaking of the filling is a slow, painless process and can result in catastrophic fracture of the tooth.  By replacing the old amalgam metal fillings with a modern biocompatible material such as tooth coloured composite or porcelain restoration, the tooth is strengthened and will give many more years of function as well as looking natural.

Luckily dentures are not the only way of replacing teeth these days. Having a replacement tooth can be strong, long lasting and look good.  This can be achieved with a dental implant.  The implant is like having the root part of your tooth replaced and then a new crown is attached to it. 

To make a crown on a tooth, it takes two visits. The first visit is to prepare the tooth for the crown, scan the tooth to allow us to send this to the ceramist for them to make the custom-made crown.  You will have a provisional tooth coloured plastic crown for 2 weeks whilst the new crown is being made.  The second visit will involve removing the plastic crown and placing the new crown on the tooth.

Please ask our receptionist who will be able to help you complete a Dental Records Request form, which allows the previous practice to send your dental records securely to us. This helps us understand your dental care with your previous dentist and view any images or x-rays they have.

  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth (bruxism) is an increasingly common condition which can result in headaches and jaw pain, worn or chipped teeth. It is usually episodic and worse when stress increases.  Working out why it is happening is very important as the treatment can be different.  An important factor to rule out is any sleeping issue such as sleep apnoea, as bruxism is commonly seen in this serious health issue. 
  • Teeth can be protected from further wear with a custom made, clear plastic splint which is worn on the upper teeth at night
  • If sleep apnoea is found to be the cause of the bruxism, then either a CPAP machine can be used or a custom-made splint which holds the lower jaw forward at night to aid with the airway.
  • The worn teeth can be treated once the cause if found.