When Dr James and Dr Emily decided to set-up The Aesthetic Smile Collective, they wanted to use their extensive experience and knowledge to provide dental care in the most modern and relaxed environment they could. The world of modern dentistry has evolved at a rapid rate to allow a wide range of procedures to help with modern day dental issues.  Dental decay and gum disease are still prevalent unfortunately, which means that there is an ongoing need for fillings and gum treatment to help this.  However, this on only one aspect of dentistry and nowadays there are other areas where we can help. 

The aim of the Collective approach is to utilise the vast experience Dr James and Dr Emily have accrued over the years in working, to ensure their patients get the best possible care. This starts from the moment you speak to our friendly reception team to the appointment with Dr James or Dr Emily.  This is done through taking time to find out each patients concerns and how best to help them.  Using the various referral pathways that they have built up over the years they have been in Brisbane to ensure that any referrals to dental Specialists will be seamless.  Using the most talented ceramic technician and laboratory technician to fabricate each patient’s crown, veneer, bridge or denture.

Provide patient-centred care

Maintain best possible practice standards

Using the most up-to-date dental equipment such as the intra-oral scanner, 3D planning implant software, digital x-ray and digital smile design allows other forms treatment to be offered to help patients not only improve their smile but to restore function in an aesthetic and minimally invasive way.

With Dr James’ knowledge on Aesthetic Dentistry, he can discuss with you the concerns you may have with the appearance or function of the teeth and ways in which to improve this.

Dr Emily is fantastic with families and children as well as anxious patients. She takes her time to get to know her patients and provide them with an amazing level of care. 

The wide range of treatments at The Aesthetic Smile Collective include:

    • Tooth whitening (at home whitening or in-chair whitening such as Zoom)
    • Filling replacements with tooth coloured filling materials (composite resin or ceramic materials)
    • Restoring worn and chipped teeth
    • Porcelain or ceramic crowns/veneers
    • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
    • Bridges
    • Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment)
    • Extractions including wisdom teeth
    • Periodontal or gum disease treatment
    • Precision made dentures
    • Night-time protective splint to protect teeth from wearing down
    • Mandibular advancement splint to help with snoring or sleep apnoea
    • Clear aligner treatments to realign the teeth into an ideal position

As each patient is unique, the approach to care and treatment is tailored accordingly.

The time spent at the first visit is so important to not only understand the concerns you may have but to make you feel comfortable and at ease.